About the Farmer Jones Academy

What We Do....

The Farmer Jones Academy promotes sustainability in the agriculture, food and drink industries.

BeeWe believe that the future success of these industries rely heavily on our young people and their knowledge and enthusiasm for the career opportunities that come from the agricultural industry today.

We provide hands-on Industry specific training and development courses through our farming hubs and e-commerce business.

We also promote young entrepreneurs with our ‘Grow Your Business’ workshops. Our workshops are suitable for Primary and Secondary pupils as well as young adults, increasing their knowledge of industry opportunities and developing their business and marketing skills.

Why we do it...

We aim to combat rural deprivation by creating positive destinations for youth at risk of unemployment.

Our integration and mentoring programs will create an environment for social inclusion and smooth transitions for primary pupils into High School and School Leavers into employment.

All of our programs provide a safe and Inspiring place for youth to explore and develop, helping to improve their well-being, increase confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.

The Farmer Jones Academy is a community interest company where any profits made by the organisation will be reinvested into on-going community projects.