Food Assembly

Farming Hubs

Hands-on experiential training where we explore industry and seasonality.

This is a fantastic way for students to work individually and in groups, enjoying the outdoors, boosting creativity and self esteem

Grow Your Business Workshops

Students are supported in taking a product from concept to implementation. They will learn the fundamentals of marketing, research and development, where they will identify their target audience and then devise a marketing plan to sell their products. During this course, students will also gain the skills and confidence to think and act like entrepreneurs.

FJA Goes to Market

It’s time to take your products to the market. During this course, students gain an understanding of strategic planning, logistics and distribution as well as experiencing different media outlets and e-commerce.

Bespoke Courses

We can also design a bespoke course based on your requirements. Contact us for more info.

For more information or to arrange a meeting please contact us.